Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kramerbooks: The Best Little Bookstore in America!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

I don't make it to our nation's capital very often, but when I do get there one place that I always visit is Kramerbooks on Dupont Circle.  It is such a fun place to browse and shop!

Kramerbooks is comprised of several small rooms that are strung together like some sort of devious Chinese puzzle, and each of those rooms is packed floor-to-ceiling with a delicious array of real books (the kind you hold in your hands and proceed to read by turning actual pages).    Those books range from bestsellers to wonderfully obscure finds of which NPR is probably not even aware!   I have a dozen or more volumes here with me on Okinawa that I originally came across on the shelves at Kramerbooks.

The reason for this sudden walk down memory lane is that I read on the Internet this morning that President Obama took his two daughters holiday shopping at Kramerbooks on Saturday.  He made time in his busy day to highlight shopping at a small business and to spend time with his kids.  The President exhibited good values, both in a business sense and also in a family sense.

President Obama has had only one wife, with no hint of scandal in the marriage.  He spends time with his children and is involved in their lives on a very positive basis, and he even lets his mother-in-law live with the family.  I think that when it comes to real family values, the President has it nailed.

Wouldn't you agree, Newt?

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