Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday's Poetry: "The Joyful News of Your Arrest"

by Pa Rock
Poetry Appreciator

The continuing news of the spreading "occupy" movement that is occurring back in the States is both heartening and alarming.  It is great to know that so many people are coming together in parks and in front of public buildings all across America to make our leaders hear and see and feel their anger over the unrelenting corporate choke-hold that controls our lives, a hold that grows stronger with each passing month.  However, at the same time, it is unbelievably sad that our public officials are, in some instances, literally going to war against the protesters.  One wonders who they work for, if not the people?  (Well, one really doesn't wonder.)

Today the news told of the disgraceful police attacks on the "occupiers" in Portland, Oregon, that were ordered by Mayor Sam Adams.  He has reportedly had two parks closed and fenced off - that after dozens of Portland citizens were arrested.  Two public parks are now off limits to the public.  Good one, Sam.

Last week it was Mayor Jean Quan in Oakland, California, trying to get her police back into line after she and the police chief loosed their storm troopers on the occupiers.  A few weeks ago Dr. Cornell West was arrested as he was demonstrating outside of the Supreme Court in Washington, DC.

The more these outrageous and dangerous police actions continue, the more apparent it becomes that the political agenda of the one percent is suppression of the voices of the masses.

Alice Walker has recently published two new poems regarding the Occupy Movement.  Both follow.  The first, "The Joyful News of Your Arrest," speaks specifically to the arrest of Professor West at the Supreme Court.

If poets of Alice Walker's caliber are focused on what is occurring in the streets and parks of America, it is time to admit these civil protests are not only newsworthy, but also historic.  Ms. Walker is giving a proud voice to the movement and the people who are huddling outside in the cold to keep it alive.

the joyful news of your arrest
by Alice Walker

this sunday morning everything
is bringing tears.
in church this morning
not a church anyone from my childhood

as church
a brother singing
about the bigness of love
and then this moment
news of your arrest
on the steps of the supreme court
a place of intrigue and distrust;
news of the illegal sign you carried
that you probably made yourself:
Poverty Is The Greatest Violence Of All.
brother cornel. brother west.
what a joy it is
to hear this news of you.
that you have not forgotten
what our best people taught us
as they rose to meet their day:
not to be silent
not to fade into the shadows
not to live and die in vain.
But to glorify
the love that demands
we stand
in danger
shaking off
our chains.

The World We Want Is Us

by Alice Walker

It moves my heart to see your awakened faces;
the look of “aha!”
shining, finally, in
so many
wide open eyes.
Yes, we are the 99%
all of us
refusing to forget
each other
no matter, in our hunger, what crumbs
are dropped by
the 1%.
The world we want is on the way; Arundhati
and now we
hearing her breathing.
That world we want is Us; united; already moving
into it.

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Xobekim said...

Now if FOX Fantasy News would quit awfulizing the occupy movement and put Ms. Walker on the air.

And if pigs flew, if cats quit hissing at dogs, and Republicans took back the Republican party, then I'd sleep easily at night.