Thursday, November 17, 2011

Holiday Notes

by Pa Rock
Happy Tourist

Unbelievable as it may seem, the two holidays that usher in the gift-getting season occur next week.  The first is Thanksgiving and with it the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade which always culminates with the appearance of Santa Claus.   I have never been to the Macy's Parade, but I will make it one day - hopefully before they retire the Bullwinkle balloon!

The second holiday next week, of course, is the day following Thanksgiving, an evil creation of corporate America known as "Black Friday."  It is the day in which feeble-minded shoppers line up at their favorite stores in the dead of night so that they can stampede their way to the bargains when the stores open at daylight.  People have literally been trampled to death as they rushed into the madness to grab clothing, toys, and electronics so that they could properly observe the birthday of Jesus.

I will spend Thanksgiving with my friend, Valerie, in Guam.  That small American territory bills itself as "the place where America's day begins."   While on Guam we will swim, snorkel, and relax - and Valerie wants to hit some real American stores - Guam reportedly has a Ross's, K-Mart, and a Target.  We leave tomorrow night (Saturday at 1:00 a.m.), and we will return to Okinawa on Wednesday evening.   Our plan is to celebrate Thanksgiving Day at the USO by having a great holiday meal and enjoying the entertainment.

And although I won't get caught up in any Black Friday nonsense, I will dedicate part of next weekend to getting my holiday gift packages ready to mail.  (I have been making my purchases all year, discretely, and without having to knock down any old ladies in the process.)   Timing is critical:  the local post office won't guarantee delivery on anything mailed from Okinawa after the 6th of December.

My Christmas plan was a solo tour of Vietnam, the whole damned country, but two of my buddies have now signed up to go along, so that will be fun - and the trip will help take our minds off of our loved ones who are enjoying a more traditional holiday back in the states.

By the time the Season rolls around again, I should be back home and mooching a turkey dinner off of one of my children!  Any offers?

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Tim said...

If you are anywhere near this area we should meet up at Nick's house for Turkey Day next year.