Friday, November 4, 2011

The Ramble at Four

by Pa Rock
Dedicated Typist

Pa Rock's Ramble turns four-years-old today (November 5th), and this snippet is blogpost number 1,524.  That's a helluva lot of typing!

The initial posting was just a couple of paragraphs of praise regarding presidential candidate Barack Obama, a candidate whom I had supported since before he officially announced his intention to run.  I still support him, though my fervor has waned.

Over the course of four years I have used this forum to brag on my kids and grandkids, report on my life, praise June Carter, talk politics, review movies, explore the world of Rusty Pails, post my own fiction and poetry, establish and promote dead pools, and fuss about a number of things.  I began banging out these posts in Arizona, and have since moved the operation to Okinawa.  Along the way I have posted from several states, Korea on a couple of occasions, and even some small Japanese islands.  Before the year ends, I will have also blogged from Guam and Vietnam.  The internet trails along like the world's longest and most flexible leash.

I have also started two subsequent blogs:  the collection of my old newspaper genealogy columns is on the web at  and my adventures in the Far East are presented with photographs at

And, the best part is that along the way I have made some very good friends!


Tim, Erin and Olive said...

Happy 4th Anniversary! Four more years (to start with).

Don said...

Congrats, Rock

You've created a wonderful online living space.