Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Day at the Zoo

by Pa Rock
Busy Grandfather

We took Sebastian and Judah to the Portland Zoo today where we saw lions, and tigers, and bears - and all kinds of groovy animals.  My favorite exhibit was a glassed-in bat cave where we watched hundreds of bats flying around, climbing on vines and branches, eating fruit, and hanging upside-down sleeping.  Sebastian's pre-school class is studying bats.

The Portland Zoo is not fundamentalist friendly.  One exhibit showed the age of the earth and had a timeline showing when each of the species first appeared, including homo sapiens (who were far from first) - all of which came along well before six thousand years ago.  Another exhibit showed how quickly and drastically the polar ice caps are shrinking.  President Bachmann will undoubtedly withhold federal funding to the zoo until those heresies are struck down and replaced with Biblical facts.

Tomorrow I will be flying back to Dallas and then on to Northwest Arkansas - maybe.  American Airlines isn't letting me choose a seat for the flight from Portland to Dallas, making it look as though there are none available except one middle seat for which they want an extra $29.  It may be a very interesting morning at the Portland Airport!

Supper tonight was at a pizza place.  It was chilly and rainy so we just ate and came back to the hotel.  I told the kids and grandkids "goodbye" a few minutes ago - I will be at the airport before they roll out of bed in the morning.   Saying my goodbyes will be the hardest part of this journey.

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