Friday, October 14, 2011

An Evening with the Pfetcher's

by Pa Rock
Weary Road Warrior

If things had gone according to Hoyle, I would be far out over the Pacific at this hour nearing Japan.  Instead, I am spending the evening at hotel near O'Hare Airport in Chicago.

My flight out of Kansas City left late this morning, and by the time I ran a couple of laps around O'Hare, the flight to Japan had left without me.   Fortunately, United Airlines was in a humane mode and gave me accommodations for the evening.

The bright side about being stranded in Chicago is that my sister's oldest daughter, Heidi Pfetcher, lives here with her husband, Jason, and their two daughters - Lauren and Ruby.  I called Heidi from the hotel to see if she had plans for tonight, and she was able come pick me up so I could spend the evening with her and Jason and the girls.  We went to a nice restaurant, had a good meal, and did a lot of catching up.  It was really a good evening!

Both of the little Pfetcher girls are charmers!  Lauren is six and Ruby is two.  Lauren attended her first anti-war rally yesterday and carried a sign about the need to get out of Afghanistan.  (When Jane Fonda was her age, she was probably still playing with dolls!)  She and Ruby are both very bright and personable - just like their parents!

Although I hadn't planned on spending an evening in the City of Rahm, it was very nice getting to see the Pfetcher's.  This surprise opportunity was a nice way to culminate my visit to the States!

Tomorrow I fly, fly again!

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