Sunday, October 2, 2011

Back in Arkansas

by Pa Rock
Weary Traveler

I got to the Portland Airport very early this morning expecting to have to fight my way onto the plane, but that wasn't necessary.  They had a crappy window seat saved for me.  It had a wonderful view of the side of the jet engine - and that was the entire view!  And, the magazine pocket on the seat in front of me ha a busted hinge that poked me in the knee for over three hours.  The flight was so sucky that even DFW looked good as I was getting off of the plane in Dallas!

I love the airport in Portland, particularly the Powell's Bookstore kiosks.  They have the greatest titles, stuff that you won't find in other airport bookstores, and many good used books as well.  I bought Molly and Scott's boys a set of blocks at Powell's when I arrived in Portland, and today, on the way out, I found three different sets of Beatles' playing cards for Boone. 

I am back at Gail's in Fayetteville tonight.  She made a Chef Boyardee Pizza for supper - and mama mia was it ever good!  (Our mother used to make those when we were young - and Gail's was every bit as good as Mom's!)   Tomorrow I am heading back to Noel to watch a tree trimmer clean up the trees and yard at my little rent house in Sucker's Flats.

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