Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Upcoming Travels

by Pa Rock
Frequent Flyer

My friend, Valerie, and I spent a good part of this evening hovered over her computer trying to come up with the best deal on tickets for a flight to Guam.  We have a mutual friend, Lennie, who lived on Guam for many years, and she is going back there at the start of Thanksgiving week to visit friends.  Valerie and I will be tagging along - and hanging around a few days after Lennie leaves.

My time in the Far East is quickly slipping away, and by this July I will be back to living in the States.  Since coming here I have been to Korea twice and spent holiday weekends on two of the little islands close to Okinawa.  I would like to spend a relaxing few days on Guam and then maybe do something a bit more extravagant over Christmas or early in the new year.

One possibility for the big trip will be Australia.  The marines are offering a tour package to Sydney over Christmas that would last for a week with quite a bit of free time built into the tour.  I am seriously considering that one, but the marine travel agent told me that there may not be enough interest for the trip to make.  My second choice is Vietnam, but I would have to piece that one together on my own.

I'm having a good time living abroad.  It is sort of like going through adolescence again, but without the acne.

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Don said...

There are no better teachers in this world than people who live a different way for different reasons in faraway places.

Partake of the wonderful buffet they offer for as long as you possibly can.

Then take it all back home and serve it up to those you love.