Monday, October 3, 2011

Trimming Trees

by Pa Rock
Frazzled Landlord

One of the big projects on my to-do list while I am in the states was to get the trees trimmed at a rental house that I own in Noel.  Today I was able to check that one off the list.  

The hardest part of getting anything done in the Ozarks is finding someone who will actually show up.  Many people are quick to contract for a job and then say "I'll be back Tuesday and get started," leaving the poor homeowner stuck in limbo for months-on-end waiting on the special Tuesday when the worker finally decides to show up.

But there is nothing Ozark about Landry Corter.   When I called him last week, he said that he would be at the rental house the next morning at nine to provide an estimate.  I got there at nine on the following day, and he was waiting.  The young man said that he always arrives early.  After I accepted the estimate, which was very reasonable, he said that he would do the work on Monday morning - and when I wheeled in this morning (Monday), Landry and his crew were already hard at work.  They did a great job and left the site looking great.

If you are in the McDonald County area and need your trees trimmed, I highly recommend Corter's Tree Care out of Goodman.  The are safe and reliable, and they get the job done right!

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