Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Fortune Cookie

by Pa Rock

Nick, Boone, and I had dinner Sunday night at one of West Plains three Chinese restaurants, and, as we were preparing to leave, the waitress brought the complimentary fortune cookies.   The little slip of paper that came with mine read:  "You will be traveling and coming into a fortune."  Nick, an lottery enthusiast, immediately decided that it was an assurance that I would be winning Powerball on Wednesday evening ($86 million) - the same day that my new granddaughter is scheduled to be born.

I have been traveling for a couple of weeks now, so that part of the fortune is easy to understand - especially since this coming Friday I will board a plane and fly back to Okinawa.  But I suspect that the fortune has more to do with the wonderful time that I have had reconnecting with family and friends than it does with money.  This year my herd of grandchildren will increase from three grandsons to three grandsons and two granddaughters.   Fortunes as great as that are never reflected on the financial pages of the Wall Street Journal or Business Week.

Tonight we are going to one of the Kansas City "riverboat" casinos.  (They are on the river, as was promised to voters many years ago - but they remain stationary, so the "riverboats" might as well be sitting out along an interstate somewhere.)  Erin's family has a tradition of hitting the casino the night before a baby is born.  (That could be where the "fortune" comes from as well.)

Erin and Tim are heading to the hospital in Overland Park before daylight tomorrow where Baby Girl Macy will be delivered.  I plan to follow them over and be there to greet the newest family member.  It will be a very big day for the Macy's!

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Carla Brown said...

Congrats on the new grandbaby! I have a set of my own now. Triplet grandsons -- Nate, Jake, and Blake who will be 1 on Dec. 27. Also their cousin Alex who is now two weeks old. I sold my home in KC and now live in St. Louis. Guess why?

So why are you returning to the states so quickly? Hope you are well.