Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello Portland!

by Pa Rock
Weary Traveler

Well, if it's Friday night - and it is - this must be Portland, Oregon - and it is.  Jerry Seinfeld and I are both in town for the evening, but our paths have yet to cross.  He is doing a show downtown, and I am sitting in my room at the Radisson watching my feet swell!

I have spent the day with Molly and Scott and my grandsons, Sebastian and Judah.  Our hotel is located on a small lake that is home to a couple of dozen ducks, and supposedly one lonely coyote, so we did get out and walk along the shore admiring nature.  Later in the day we took the Portland Light Rail downtown to Pioneer Square where we got off and roamed the streets for awhile and had dinner at a small Mexican restaurant.  The boys were very, very busy during the meal, but we managed to get it all consumed without any problems.  My grandsons are so much fun!

The last time I saw Sebastian and Judah was on Sebastian's third birthday - July 5, 2010.  Judah was just seven months old at that time, so he didn't know me today, but he quickly warmed up to his grandfather.  Sebastian is talking clearly now and is quite informative and inquisitive.   They both seemed to enjoy the ride on the train.   Tomorrow, weather permitting, we will spend the day at the Portland Zoo.

The flight out was memorable.  I managed to wind up in a middle seat for the three-and-a-half hour flight from Dallas to Portland.  The guy on my left was very odd and had the stewardesses weirded out.  He looked to be about twenty-five or thirty, but wore old men's clothing complete with ill-fitting jeans and wide suspenders.  He appeared to have trouble understanding the instructions from the flight crew - hard stuff like put your bag under the seat - and he acted like he was ill and kept his head down most of the flight.  When they asked him if he wanted a beverage, he ordered a cup of ice, a cup of hot water, and a tea bag.  He proceeded to make his own iced tea from scratch, but then only consumed one small sip.  Also, he had dark skin which meant that more than likely he was a Sharia Law quoting, Qur'an reading, sneaky terrorist Muslim!   We made it to Portland without the airline staff or TSA going nuts - Allah be praised! - and the last I saw of my elbow-to-elbow neighbor he was standing outside of the plane in Portland trying to decide if he needed a wheelchair or not.

Hey Dallas-Ft. Worth Airport (DFW), Wi-Fi is free at the Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport (XNA) - and XNA is customer-friendly.

American Airlines, you still suck!

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