Thursday, September 1, 2011


by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

It's a gorgeous day in the Far East!

I arrived on the small Japanese island of Tokashiki a few hours ago with three good friends, and we have already had a great lunch at our hotel and gone exploring.  We rode over from Okinawa on a large ferry, and my friend, Valerie, brought her car - so we have wheels and the ability to get around.  During our after-lunch explorations we came across a unique park that was deserted.  One of the features of the park was a very long slide that operated by rollers.  I followed my errant friends down the contraption, and now my butt is royally sore!  We also walked a beach and did some impromptu now I have a good sunburn to go with my sore butt!  Gotta love vacations!

The water here is amazing - several shades of blue and crystal clear.  There are breathtaking views around every turn in the road!  Look for some great photos on my Okinawan blog after we get back on Sunday evening.

Here's hoping the weather is this great in McDonald County and Elk River has bumper to bumper canoes on this Labor Day weekend!  Next year I'll be in one of them!

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