Thursday, September 1, 2011

Holiday Travel

by Pa Rock
Cultural Explorer

Three friends and I are meeting in the morning and heading to Naha Port where we will board a ferry for a weekend adventure to Tokashiki Island.  It will be our little celebration of Labor Day and the end of summer. (Naha Port is where I worked forty years ago when I was stationed on Okinawa with the Army.)

Tokashiki is known primarily for beautiful beaches and excellent snorkeling.  We are all taking a special sunscreen that repels jellyfish.    Hopefully we will be able to really enjoy the warm waters of the East China Sea.  I will also be taking a good book - the Library of America Kurt Vonnegut Collection.  (Man cannot live by snorkeling alone!)

This will be my second local adventure off of Okinawa.  Some of us also went to Yoron Island just north of Okinawa over the Memorial Day weekend.  A major typhoon followed us to Yoron, but the weather for this weekend appears to be great!

I'm not sure about Internet connections on Tokashiki.  If there is one, expect some postings - but, if not, I'm on vacation!

Enjoy the holiday weekend and stay safe!

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