Sunday, September 25, 2011

Moneyball and Jedgar

by Pa Rock
KC Visitor

This was a quiet Sunday in Kansas City and a beautiful day, which made it an exceptional day to spend some relaxed time with Tim and Erin.

Tim and I went to Overland Park, Kansas, this morning where he helped me shop for a wireless mouse for my net book.  It is really nice to be able to move the cursor with a mouse instead of trying to navigate with that tricky little finger pad.

This afternoon Tim and Erin and I took in a movie, Moneyball, at the new AMC theater that is within walking distance of their apartment.  The theater has deep leather seats that rock and vibrate to any sudden loud noises on the screen.  Apparently the seats are supposed to do that!  It was a very fancy joint with photos of movie stars and famous screen quotes in abundance on most flat surfaces.  (I stood at the urinal in the men's room after the show staring into one of Jack Nicholson's more sinister faces.)

The movie was exceptional - Moneyball with Brad Pitt with Jonah Hill.  It was a recounting of the 2002 major league baseball season in which the Oakland Athletics proved to the world that winning baseball could be played on a budget.  I haven't seen all of Brad Pitt's films, but of those that I have seen, Moneyball is the best since Twelve Monkeys.

In fact, if I hadn't caught the previews for J. Edgar, I would say that Mr. Pitt might be taking home an Oscar next spring.  Leonardo DiCaprio looks like he is going to be awesome as the omnipotent and politically ruthless FBI Director.  J. Edgar is unlikely to play at any of the military theaters on Okinawa, particularly if it displays the G-Man's feminine side - replete with large evening gowns and beaded handbags!

Remember when Lily Tomlin used to call him "Jedgar" on Laugh-In?  That was pretty edgy stuff, especially since the old bastard was still alive!  Earnestine could have really let loose with some zingers if she had known that he was a cross-dresser!

I am really anxious to see how DiCaprio does this most complex of individuals.

Damn,  but I miss having access to good movies on the big screen!

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