Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Turner Diaries

by Pa Rock
Reviewer of Racist Crap

I suspect that people write books for two reasons, to make money and to have an impact on others. William Luther Pierce,III, writing under the pseudonym Andrew Macdonald, was a physicist who was eventually consumed by his racist views and fondness for the Nazi Party. Pierce undoubtedly made money on The Turner Diaries, his wet dream of world-wide racial cleansing. (I understand that it sells well at gun shows and similar low-brow venues.) But this is a book whose primary goal was to have an impact, and if it made some money along the way, I'm sure that the author regarded that as just gravy.

The story is simple. It is built around the next American revolution, the one that that the survivalists, racists, and other assorted cretins have been eagerly awaiting for years. The premise is that the government had just passed a federal law, sponsored by a Jewish Congressman, that outlawed private ownership of guns. Federal agents had dutifully confiscated most firearms, but some patriots had managed to get theirs hidden before the government came knocking.

As the action begins there are small groups of patriotic "racists," many of whom are still armed, living in hiding across the United States. Their numbers are small, perhaps three hundred or so total. They have some contact with one another through radios and messengers. These small groups begin shoot-and-run attacks on the government with the occasional bomb tossed in for good measure. As their little successes mount up, more and more good white people rush to join them, and they ultimately overthrow the U.S. government and go on to rid the entire world of people of color. (Sorry for giving away the crazy ending!)

The story is told through journal entries of Earl Turner, one of the martyrs of the revolution. Turner's written observations allow us to see and hear the world through the senses of a mental defective. Mr. Turner has no qualms about shooting blacks (often referred to as "niggers") or Jews - and any white women who have "defiled their race" by sleeping with blacks or Jews. Killing them is a matter-of-fact occurrence that merits no more attention or significance than would be ascribed to the killing of flies, cockroaches, or the odd mouse.

William Pierce makes a passing reference to Adolf Hitler as "the great one" in the text of the book- just so his more dimwitted readers could grasp his philosophical base.

While reading this book I found myself thinking of Jack London's The Iron Heel, a fictional account of a socialist revolution sweeping across the United States in the early years of the twentieth century. The stories were framed in much the same way, and I suspect that London's work played a role in the way that Pierce chose to organize his tale. The similarities, of course, end with the structure of the stories - Jack London was a writer's writer, and William Pierce was little more than an angry typist.

However, literary quality aside, the impact that The Turner Diaries has had on the lunatic fringe of American society is nothing short of amazing. The FBI refers to the book as being the "racist bible" and credits it with being Timothy McVeigh's inspiration for blowing up the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The underlying social current seems to be that there is a mass of "patriots" who are just biding their time waiting for some major event to draw the angry mobs into the streets. McVeigh didn't loose the masses (nor did Eric Rudolph or Scott Roeder), but that deters no one. These people know that they are right and eventually will prevail.

Sarah Palin says that Obama wants to take our guns away. The image of a black President trying to confiscate the guns of white, God-fearing, Christian Americans is a masturbation fantasy for every trailer park, gun show, and militia encampment in America!

William Pierce was a mighty prophet! Stroke, boys, stroke!

Paranoia is its own reward!

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Xobekim said...

One can only imagine the dillema with which Pierce will face when he realizes that he carries the hated seeds of color in his DNA.

As the world repopulates all those colors return. Over time we humans adapt to our environment. And Pierce cannot excise the colors of humanity anymore than he can control the rain.

As for that all White World, even Hitler was willing to settle for a world half Yellow half White!

You are right to point out the madness of right wing extremism.
I'm glad you're getting out of Dodge while the getting is good.