Monday, May 17, 2010

The Glen Campbell Tour

by Pa Rock
Road Master

I began yesterday in Phoenix, and tonight I am holed up in Wichita. I guess its a blessing that Glen Campbell never sang about Butte, Biloxi, or Boston or I would really be wracking up the miles!

Most of today was spent driving across the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles and north through Kansas - all along scenic Highway 54 East. Gas was $2.70 the entire way until I reached Wichita, and then it dropped an amazing four cents per gallon.

A sign of the times: There are more energy windmills than oil wells along Highway 54 East between Tucumcari and Wichita.

Northern Texas has some massive cattle lots whose aroma wafts across multiple state lines, and every little berg in southern Kansas has huge cement grain elevators at the southwest edge of town - for easy access to the rail lines.

Early tomorrow I will be goin' to Kansas City where I will see if everything really is up to date.


Reed said...

You can always smell Amarillo, TX and Liberal, KS from about twenty miles away.

Anonymous said...

The reference to Kansas City wasn't Glen Campbell, Rock. You can do better.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and it ain't Friday.