Thursday, May 27, 2010

It Just Keeps on Pumping

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

The Gulf of Mexico is dying, or, more accurately, being put to death right before our disbelieving eyes. We are witnessing the worst environmental catastrophe to ever beset our nation. Philippe Cousteau, grandson of the late, great environmentalist and marine biologist, Jacques Cousteau, has been on a recent dive in the Gulf of Mexico and described what he saw beneath the surface of the Gulf as an "absolute nightmare."

An absolute nightmare!

It isn't a "leak." It isn't a "spill." It's a damned gusher that is pumping thousands of gallons of poisonous oil into into the sea every day and every night - nonstop! BP, one of the three evil multi-national corporations that own this mess, has been fiddling at solving the problem for over a month, and seems to be more concerned with maintaining corporate secrecy and control than actually jumping into the muck and getting this thing under control.

Democratic commentator James Carville, a Louisiana native, has vented his spleen on BP saying that some of its people need to be paraded around in shackles on their way to jail. Carville has also taken potshots at President Obama, describing his response to the crisis as "lackadaisical." Today the President barked back at Carville as he assured the nation that all of the might of government is actively involved in ending this crisis - and that BP is answering to the Feds as they pursue a remedy.

Bring in the scientists, bring in the Marines, bring in the Navy Seals! If today's mud pack strategy doesn't work, BP needs to be shoved aside and the full might of our government and the world's resources must be brought to bear on the situation. And when the gusher is finally capped, all of the big oil companies should to be brought to the Gulf of Mexico for a clean-up party before any more drilling is permitted in any U.S. waters.

Radio loudmouth Rush Limbaugh is amusing himself by referring to the continuing catastrophe as "Obama's Katrina," and James Carville says that it could be the event that brings down the Obama Presidency. Unfortunately for Mr. Obama as well as the rest of us, they might be right.

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