Monday, May 24, 2010

Old Gallup

by Pa Rock
Road Pounder

Tonight I am in the older section of Gallup, New Mexico, staying on what is known as "historic Route 66." The motel that I have chosen, the Colonial, is right out of the 1950's. My room is very small without a table for my computer. It does have a microwave, a small refrigerator and a television equipped with HBO. Unfortunately, the $37 rate did not merit a remote control for the television! There is also no chair to sit on while watching TV, but that problem can be remedied by sitting on the edge of the bed - with my face approximately two feet from the set!

I tried to shave a couple of bucks off of the nightly rate by telling the desk clerk that I am a member of AARP. (It ought to be good for something besides overpriced group insurance!) She replied that they don't give an AARP discount. When I noted that the sign on the street said that they do, she told me that was the policy of the former owners. Maybe they should rename this place the "Bait and Switch!"

Early tomorrow afternoon I should be back in Litchfield Park. I just hope that I can get there without the aid of another tow truck!

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