Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo - Arizona Style!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

How can a state as culturally and intellectually backward as Arizona continue to make national news day after day? The answer is obvious: as long as we keep showing our ass, the spotlight will stay on.

Today is Cinco de Mayo, the Mexican holiday that is widely celebrated throughout the United States. Our local goose-steppers, of course, could not let the occasion go untarnished. An idiotic group calling itself the Arizona Citizens Militia is encouraging people (presumably white people) to celebrate Cinco de Ammo by rushing down to their local gun stores and buying five boxes of ammunition.

Could that be a call for a revolution? Would an armed attack on American soil, without benefit of government sanction, be patriotism ... or treason?

Another hate group, the local chapter of the National Socialist Movement, put out a flier that renamed Cinco de Mayo as "Report an Illegal Day." An act which proves, I suppose, that the Constitution even protects the speech rights of racist crazies - as it should.

All of that went relatively unnoticed - but what stirred the locals was an act of protest put forth by our local basketball team, the Phoenix Suns. Today, in honor of Cinco de Mayo and in solidarity with the Hispanic residents of the state, the Suns brought out their special jerseys - jerseys that proudly proclaimed "Los Suns!" Team members voted unanimously to wear the controversial jerseys.

Many Arizonans loved the gesture - and many did not.

Apparently the San Antonio Spurs have jerseys on order proclaiming "Los Spurs," but they didn't arrive in time for Cinco de Mayo - or in time for tonight's playoff game with Los Suns.

Way to go Suns and Spurs! Pa Rock is proud of you!

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