Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Environment Trumps Everything

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Being a resident of Arizona, I would like to feel that there is no more important issue facing humanity than the racism my state is pumping into the national dialogue. Just the notion that these gun-toting inbreds can have an influence on national policy is mind-boggling. These sand-billies are loud, stupid, and proud of it!

Racism is important. It needs to be recognized for what is and stamped out. Looking back over the six decades of my life, however, I can see that the country has changed significantly. Schools have been integrated, black Americans can ride in the front of the bus and sit in first-class when they fly, we all use the same water fountains and restrooms, and then there's that family in the White House!

Things have changed dramatically over the course of my lifetime, but they are far from perfect, as the idiots in Arizona so aptly demonstrate.

But Arizona knuckle-draggers are not the be-all and end-all of life on earth. They are, indeed, just a momentary apparition that will be no more than a minor footnote in history texts printed in every place but Texas. (Texas textbooks will probably have whole chapters devoted to this racist nonsense, and people like Jan Brewer, Russell Pearce, and Joe Arpaio will be portrayed as Aryan patriots!)

The real story of lasting importance today is the Gulf oil spill. The oil is now tainting the waters of Louisiana's barrier islands, and reports state that it is reaching the beaches of Alabama. Latest news stories indicate that the big cement box that was lowered over the leak isn't working - and the oil keeps pumping into the Gulf.

This past week (May 4th) my favorite writer, William Rivers Pitt, posted a piece on entitled "Things Fall Apart." In that article which was drawn from multiple sources, Mr. Pitt posits that the Gulf oil spill could be the final catastrophe. If it can't be brought under control, the oil gusher beneath the Gulf of Mexico has the potential to ruin seawater worldwide and lead to mass extinction - the end of man's reign on earth.

"Things Fall Apart" can be found here:

Racist stupidity is a very important issue, one that needs to be brought out into the sunshine and dealt with effectively. But when it comes to absolute importance, the environment trumps everything.


Reed said...

sand-billies...Nice, I'm gonna use that.

molly. said...

Environment trumps everything- agreed.