Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sale Day

by Pa Rock
Dispenser of Treasure

I used to tell my Dad that if he didn't start getting rid of some of his crap, that Gail and I would wind up dragging it all out in the yard and selling it someday. His response was always, "That's my stuff. You don't get rid of your stuff!" Well, today we had an auction and his stuff flew off with the four winds. It was a small crowd, and many people took home bargains.

It was an emotional day, at least for me, seeing things that my parents had for decades going out the door for pennies on the dollar. But it all had to go. Gail's kids and mine had been through the house taking what they wanted, and the rest is now somebody else's problem.

Three of my old high school classmates stopped by to visit during the auction. It was fun talking to Mary Riley Olsen, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Abraham, and Dr. Anna Harmon. They all looked much older than me!

The saddest part of today was seeing my sons and grandson leave. As the people on my email list know, it looks as though I will be moving to Okinawa in July, so it could be some time before I see them again. I hope that all of my kids will come visit while I am there. The tickets are on Pa Rock! Nick, my oldest, was actually born on Okinawa nearly 37 years ago. This will be my first trip back since he was two months old!

Mollie Carroll and I had dinner at Cotton-Eyed Joe's in Noel with her brother (and my old college roommate) James Carroll and his wife, Patti. That was a nice evening. James has recently written a novel, Sarren, which I am anxious to read.

My sister, Gail, was at the auction all day and worked hard to keep things running smoothly. Her daughter and granddaughter, Tiffany and Brieanna, were also here, and so was Gail's oldest son, Justin. It was nice to have so much family close-at-hand.

Tomorrow I will hop in the old red pickup and point it back toward Phoenix. There is much to get done in Arizona before my move overseas.


Xobekim said...

The mirror tells me that I am older than those Ozark hill we trekked in our youth. My mind refuses any image of Anna Harmon other than the one I see of her curled up in a custom made sofa at her place in Noel. Her remarkable beauty was only exceeded by the brilliance of intellect in her eyes.

Likewise when I search for an image or remembrance of compassion and mercy the face and voice of Molly Carroll come flooding to mind.

Thank you for introducing me to some pretty amazing people.

brenda Kilby said...

Glad it went well, and sorry I did't make it over. Regis was bitten by a snake, and I was watching him very closely and administering water with an eyedropper. He is better now, btw.

molly. said...

Hey dad,
I've been thinking about the auction all weekend & imagining what a toll that must be taking on you. Quite honestly I don't know if I would have been able to handle it. Just thinking about emptying our old house breaks my heart.. and Granddad not being around makes it hurt even more. I'm glad Nick, Tim, Justin, Tiff, Gail, Nathan.. were all able to help. Sounds like it went really well if it all got taken away in under a day! But must have been very, very hard to watch. I'm sorry.