Thursday, May 13, 2010

Better Late Than Never, Laura

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

It should surprise very few of us that the wives of Republican politicians are generally smarter than their husbands - the bar, after all, isn't that high. However, the wives usually have the good grace to keep their radical ideas to themselves, at least until their husbands leave office. Betty Ford might be the exception to that rule. She was so tacky as to celebrate the Roe v. Wade decision while still residing in the White House. Others waited until their husbands left office before showing the world that they were actually much more intelligent than their mates.

Nancy Reagan became an active supporter of stem cell research after leaving the White House. Granted, that advocacy came about as a result of Ronnie's tragic Alzheimer's - but, nevertheless, it was a significant shift away from the rigid Republican/fundamentalist Christian position on the issue. Barbara Bush revealed after leaving the White House that she actually was a supporter of abortion rights - egad! Then, when her son was running for President, she actively tried to protect Laura from even having to address that issue.

Well, Laura Bush made it to the White House without having to be honest about her views on abortion rights, and she managed to keep her mouth shut for eight long years while her idiot husband tried to learn how to say "nuclear" and speak English. But now she is a civilian again - and now she is talking.

Laura Bush has told America's nosy neighbor, Larry King, that she and Little George disagreed on abortion and on gay rights. Yup, the dignified Laura Bush was secretly a baby-killing, homo-loving, liberal! Laura told King that gay marriage will eventually come about because it is a generational thing, and young people are more open to alternative lifestyles.

And Mrs. Bush is right. National polling shows that the nation's oldest citizens, the ones closest to moving into the cemeteries, are the most strongly opposed to gay marriage, and the younger people are, the more apt they are to support the concept. In a few years the notion of two women or two men marrying will be no more controversial than the once radical idea of women voting is today.

The world is changing, and the mean-spirited among us may slow the change process, but they cannot stop it!

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Mike Box said...

Good News for us! With our state of mind the milestone for the tombstone appears to have been moved a little further down the road!