Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Homecoming, Pa Rock Style

by Pa Rock
Missouri Jackass

The eagle has landed and dropped his truckload of crap in Kansas City. The drive today wasn't too bad until I got within about twenty miles of my destination. That, of course, is where my pick-up decided that it had gone about as far as it could go (with apologies to Rogers and Hammerstein!). I sat along side of Interstate 70 just a mile or so short of the toll plaza for an hour or more while youngest son, Tim, arranged for a tow truck and mechanic who could fix me up pronto.

I diagnosed the problem myself. The alternator had given out. I am getting ready to give this truck to my daughter and son-in-law, and I am glad that it chose to give me trouble instead of waiting and breaking down some day when Molly was in it alone with her little boys. So far Molly, it has new belts, new shocks, two new tires, and a quality rebuilt alternator!

So there I sat on the side of the Interstate where I chanced to meet a very courteous and pleasant Kansas State highway Patrolman. A Kansas road worker on mower also came along while I was there, but he took a break until the tow truck showed up and got me out of his way. The guy didn't seem to be too put out with the delay.

(Old joke: What's yellow and sleeps six? A highway department truck!)

Having sat alone along the side of the road for a hour or so, I was in the mood to visit with my rescuer, but the tow truck driver proved to be the strong, silent type. All that I learned in our ten mile trip to the garage was that he was from Basore, Kansas, had lived there eleven years, and hauled five to fifteen vehicles a day.

One thing I did discover was that if you exit the turnpike with your vehicle on the back of a tow truck, the toll collector may forget to charge for the vehicle being towed! Wichita to Bonner Springs was free, free I tell you!

The garage that Tim found for me was Grady's, a small, nondescript family business in rural Kansas City, KS - on Kansas Avenue. They were pleasant, quick, and reasonable. I can't recommend Grady's Garage highly enough! (913-334-3061)

Tonight we will do some running around the Kansas City area, and tomorrow it is on to Noel!


Mike Box said...

You have great timing, one day ahead of the bad weather. I'm glad you didn't have to wait long enough to visit the Agriculture Hall of Fame. You were in the neighborhood. Enjoy your family!

molly. said...

Sorry about all the bad times with the truck during your trip!!