Monday, August 31, 2015

Willow, Judah, and Sebastian

by Pa Rock
Proud Grandpa

I spent yesterday with my Oregon grandchildren:  Willow, Judah, and Sebastian.  It marked the first time that I had gotten to see or spend time with them in more than a year.

Sebastian is eight and preparing to go into second grade.   His parents had to take the younger two children to an appointment in the morning, leaving Sebastian and I to our own devices for a couple of hours.  We explored his garden - his own project - and shoveled gravel off of the driveway.  Then we went for a walk, a long walk!  We explored several blocks of his neighborhood and Sebastian showed me where some of his friends lived.  On the way home we picked up some seed pods and pine cones and talked about gardening.

Sebastian and his daddy attended a birthday party in the afternoon, while Mommy Molly and I stayed home with Judah and Willow.  They are both very sweet children.  We played outside for awhile where Judah rode down a small hill - again and again - in his little wagon, and Willow and her mommy made bubbles that floated over the neighborhood.   Judah and Willow also enjoyed working together on a Lego project.  Judah, who is five, loves studying things and figuring out how they work.  Willow, aged three, is always busy and enjoys playing with their dog, Pixie.

I was amazed to see how busy the Files family was - even on a Sunday!  Molly and Scott have my admiration for working so hard to offer their children so many opportunities.  The kids are growing up in a very loving family!

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molly. said...

Thanks Dad. :) The kids are really enjoying seeing their Pa Rock!