Sunday, August 2, 2015

Republicans Aim to "Fix" Society with Cops and Troops

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Reprehensible bully and Republican governor Chris Christie of New Jersey said this week that he would "cure" the diseased marijuana users of America with law enforcement.   Presumably the third-or-fourth-tier Republican presidential candidate would, if elected, correct the will of the voters in places like Colorado with federal police kicking in doors to enforce the more arcane federal statutes.   So much for the GOP religious tenet of states' rights.

Former Republican governor Mike Huckabee of Arkansas, a reprehensible religious bully, has recently indicated that he might use federal troops to end abortions in the United States, never mind that another branch of government, the United States Supreme Court, has said that the practice meets Constitutional muster and is legal.

Huckabee's open disdain for the Court puts one in mind of Andrew Jackson who famously said, after the Supreme Court had ruled that Indian lands in Georgia were protected by federal treaties, "John Marshsall (the Chief Justice) has made his decision, now let him enforce it."  President Jackson and the state of Georgia both proceeded to ignore the decision of the Court - Georgia stole the land and the newly discovered gold, and Jackson force-marched the dispossessed Cherokee off to Oklahoma along what became known as the "Trail of Tears."

Right now speaking out of their butts is just a phase that Republicans are going through, the try-to-be-more-outrageous-than-Donald-Trump phase.  It is also called the "primary" phase, the part of the campaign where it is okay, and even necessary, for Republicans to try and out-stupid each other as they fight to win the attention and support of the very basest of their base voters - the people who stockpile guns to protect themselves from their own government, and firmly believe that a straight, white, greedy Jesus is about to return to Earth and transport people like himself to Heaven.

Isn't it a blessing to know that we have leaders like Christie and Huckabee striving so hard to keep us on the road to redemption?  With leaders of their ilk in office, we will no longer be bothered with any of that free will stuff.   We can plan our lives according to how they feel we should live - or else.

Republicans truly are all about personal liberty - their own.  But when it comes to the personal liberty of others, bring on the cops!

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