Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Family Gathers

by Pa Rock
Proud Papa

My children, fine adults one and all, are beginning to gather at my house to provide support to our youngest, Tim, who has written a feature length film, Tatterdemallion, which will begin filming in the West Plains area next week.  Tim's first movie, The Brass Teapot, was filmed in New York in 2012.  It is still available through Showtime and Netflix - and may be purchased at  The Brass Teapot starred Juno Temple and Michael Angarano and was directed by Ramaa Mosley.  Mosley is also the director of Tatterdemallion, a film which will feature local talent in a few of the key acting roles.

But back to my kids.

Nick, my oldest, lives here.  Tim and his wife, Erin, and their daughter, Olive, got here Thursday evening.  They live in the Kansas City area and will be in residence at my little farm for the next four or five weeks.  (Little Olive is proving to be a real hand at feeding the chickens, turkeys, and peacocks!)  My daughter, Molly, is flying in from her home in Oregon this Thursday.  She will be around for an extended weekend.  Molly has three young children that her husband, Scott, will be watching while she takes her break here in Missouri.

My kids were all together in Missouri thirteen months ago - for a day - and before that it had been almost five years since they had all been under one roof.  So this gathering will be quite a treat - for all of us!

Expect to see a bit of family bragging in this space for the foreseeable future!

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