Tuesday, August 18, 2015

McCaskill's Mystery Campaign

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Senator Claire McCaskill (D, MO) may not be the biggest hog at the political trough in Washington, DC, but she is certainly one of the hungriest.

Today I received a second appeal from Claire for money in what sounded like a dual effort to fund her campaign (?) as well as sell some copies of her new book, Plenty Ladylike.  For those feeling lucky (Well punk, do you feel lucky?), a ten dollar contribution to Claire will get you entered into a drawing to receive one of ten free copies of her book.   (Or for those feeling cheap, you might try waiting a couple of weeks until her magnum opus hits the "remainders" table at your local Barnes and Noble.)

I know there is a tendency among today's political class to put a "contribute" button on all email correspondence, but Claire's communication was exceptionally vague as to what the contribution was for.  Early in the email she asks, "Will you join me in making a contribution to my campaign?"  The problem with that is Claire isn't up for re-election until 2018 - and Missouri has another Senate campaign to slog through in 2016 as Ol' Roy Blunt tries to save his ass Senate seat.  If Claire is collecting for a Senate run, then she needs to get in line and let the 2016 likely Democratic candidate,  Jason Kander, get first crack at the Missouri donors.

At another point in the email, Claire says:

"Please, donate now to support my fight in breaking down barriers in the Senate and show that you believe hard work, ambition, boldness and tenacity are ladylike."
So the exact reason she wants my cash remains a mystery, at least to me.

And while Claire McCaskill may be planning a run for a third term in the Senate, my Missouri gut tells me that it is far more likely she is campaigning for a cabinet position in a Hillary Clinton administration - and her chances of pulling that off are probably better than they are for re-election to the Senate.

Stand down, Claire.  Trying to root your way around Jason Kander at the donor trough is not ladylike in the least!  

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Xobekim said...

What's the interest on another million dollars?