Thursday, August 6, 2015

Mega-Millionaire Update

by Pa Rock
Weak-Minded Lottery Victim

As reported here yesterday, some lucky person purchased last week's winning $25 million Mega Millions lottery ticket in my hometown of Noel, Missouri - and although that person still hasn't officially revealed himself, rumors are flying!

My former college roommate (who is also a former mayor of Noel and still lives in that fine little community) telephoned this morning and said that he heard from a friend that the winner was a Hispanic gentleman who has worked at the local poultry processing plant for twenty years.  That plant sits on land that is adjacent to the quick stop where the winning ticket was sold.  My friend also heard that the winner's wife has been suffering from some serious medical issues.

So it sounds as though the money will be going to someone who has a need for it - and that pleases me.

(I worked in that same poultry plant for four months back in early 1971 - from the time I graduated from college until I went in the army.   Working on as assembly line with headless, featherless chickens dripping cold water on my head all day every day was a humbling experience for a college graduate who was on the verge of becoming an officer in the United States Army.  It was also an experience that I will never forget.)

Congratulations to Noel's new millionaire.  I hope that you and your wife are able to survive the windfall and spend your days living in peace and contentment with great medical care!  After twenty years at the chicken plant, you certainly are deserving of a good life and a comfortable retirement!  Spend your time and your money wisely.

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