Friday, August 21, 2015

Set to Sail

by Pa Rock

It has been a very hard two days primarily due to airline difficulties - mechanical issues and the complete incompetence of US Air, but we have finally made it to Alaska and are aboard out ship, The Celebrity Millennium, at Seward.  We arrived in Anchorage around noon today and then had a nice bus ride of over two hours to Seward.   Even though it was drizzly the entire way, the scenery was still splendid!

One thing I have already noticed about Alaska is that the people are overtly friendly.  People take the initiative with strangers and just come right up and talk.

Lots of space here, clear rivers and creeks, small towns, beautiful lakes and bays and long green stretches of forests.  It looks like a place that will never be in danger of filling up.    Not even the Palin family can ruin it.  If I were a young man, I could see starting a life in our forty-ninth state!

More later.  Blogging on board this ship is 79 cents a minute!  Bastards!

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