Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Hillary Sticks her Nose in the Republican Pie

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee (at least in her own mind), appears to have ripped a page right out of the Claire McCaskill political playbook.  McCaskill, the senior United States Senator from the Show-Me state, won a second term in a red state by manipulating the Republican party and prattling on an on about how she did not want to run against Todd Akin, a nabob Congressman known for sticking his foot in his mouth.  McCaskill's misdirection succeeded in helping to get the Missouri GOP to choose the hapless Akin to run against her, and the rest, as they say, is history.

And Hillary has learned from Claire's talent for meddling.

Last week Hillary was busy singling out Jeb Bush for personal attacks, and making him appear to be the GOP front-runner, at least from her perspective.  But Jebya did so God-awful in the GOP God-awful debate, that she appears to have dismounted that horse and chosen another.

Now the leading Democrat (if you don't count Bernie Sanders who actually is the leading Democrat) has turned her tongue and twitter account toward Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.  She is especially incensed on his views on women and his opposition to abortion even in cases of rape and incest.  (Excuse me, H, but are there any GOP candidates who would say out loud that abortion is okay in cases of rape and incest?  I didn't think so.)

So why is Hillary now drawing a bead on Rubio instead of an easier mark - say like Donald Trump?  Obviously, the Republican money apparatus will never allow the party to nominate Trump, so why should she waste her effort in trying to promote him as her nemesis?  She either sees Rubio as the one she would prefer to square off against in November of 2016, or she is drawing him into the limelight so that he can flame out early.

Hillary has been circling the shark tank for too many years not to have a plan - and whatever that  plan is, she will be relentless in her pursuit of the nomination and the presidency.  If Rubio falters, Koch-funded Scott Walker will likely be her next selection.  But that's only a guess because the mind of Hillary is unknowable - until she tweets it.

Stay focused on meddling with the Republican line-up, Hillary - and don't pay any attention to those enormous crowds that are filling stadiums to see Bernie.    Claire and the old establishment Democrats will save the day for you - just like they did in 2008!

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