Friday, August 28, 2015

Doing the Cattle Call

by Pa Rock

The cruise is over and I am safely off of the Celebrity Millennium and holed up in a dive motel on the outskirts of Seattle.  Tomorrow I will board a train and head south to Salem, Oregon, where I will spend a few days visiting my daughter, Molly, and her family.

Gail said, as we were standing in a line one day on the ship, that her son-in-law, Jason Pfetcher, will often begin mooing when he is stuck in a people herd - and I must admit to having done the very same thing myself on occasion.  (Great minds really do think alike!)  However, being both a lover of music and a whistler extraordinaire, I have now set my act to music.

This morning as we were stuck in endless lines both on board The Millennium as well as at the Vancouver airport, I began whistling Eddie Arnold's classic "Cattle Call" - a song that I have long felt would be great theme music for the Miss America Pageant or some other televised meat market.  I was really getting into my canary act at the airport, amazed that so few people seemed to recognize the song, when I ran into someone even more rude than me.   A lady walking by in a line next to ours, one that was moving a bit faster than the one in which Gail and I were trapped, was singing the theme to "Rawhide" as she slogged through the crowd!

"Head 'em up, move 'em out, move 'em out, head 'em up,  
Keep them doggies movin', Rawhide!"

It's amazing just how uncouth some damned tourists can be! 

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