Friday, August 7, 2015

Republicans Strut Their Comedic Stuff in Cleveland

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Not having access to television, I did not get to see any of last night's "debate" among the "top" Republican contenders, but my son rigged up something with the Roku that allowed me to hear part of it - and according to the news reports that I have read this morning, the part that I heard was one of the more raucous moments of the entire show.

The exchange that I listened to was the one where Rand Paul tried to go after Chris Christie when he mentioned rather loudly and rudely that Christie had "hugged" President Obama.  First of all, shame of the mouthy little Kentucky senator for taking such an obvious cheap shot in what should have been an evening whose sole purpose was to clarify the leadership qualities and abilities of the ten men on stage.   It was beneath him - and them.  And second of all, Rand - just how stupid are you?  Nobody, absolutely nobody, can expect to sucker punch a guy who has spent his entire life being a school yard bully - and get away with it.  Christie slugged back, hard, noting that Paul uses the Senate chamber to film himself in little theatrical performances and then rushes those clips onto the internet in order to raise money.  Opportunistic bastard!  And although I couldn't see the live coverage, in my mind's eye I was sure that I saw the other eight opportunistic bastards nodding their heads in righteous disgust.

This morning I read several news accounts of the affair.  Most seem to be in agreement that Jeb Bush hurt himself with a stiff, wooden performance, and most seemed anxious to diss Trump's performance as well, though their reasons for saying so varied by source.  I did hear the part where someone accused Trump of giving money to Hillary and Nancy Pelosi, and he fired back by saying that he gives money to anyone who asks - including most of the people who were with him on the stage.  He said that he gives money to political candidates expecting something in return.  When asked what he had received from the Hillary donation, he said that she had come to his wedding.

So The Donald had to pay people to come to his wedding?  That was a revealing moment.

The New York Times said, in effect, this morning that the winner of last night's debate would not be known until the media has time to coalesce around a narrative and pick the winner.  That was revealing, also.

Hillary has gone to so much trouble to paint Jeb as her likely opponent, and now the press is trying to marginalize him as nothing more than another one of the jabbering nabobs.  Will the queen of the Democrats be forced to help the Republicans choose someone else?  WWCD?  (What would Claire do?)

Several sources did declare a winner at the earlier debate - the one featuring the seven less popular contenders.  That winner:  failed Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.  Various news sources referred to the earlier debate at the JV or the Kids' Table debate.

Oh, the indignity of it all!

The good news out of last night's debate is that apparently no one showed up armed.  And they have the nerve to call themselves Republicans!

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