Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Ketchikan: Sunny and Sweet!

by Pa Rock
Traveling Fool

Yesterday in Hoonah my new friend, Gary Brown, told me that we would definitely encounter rain in Ketchikan.  He said that Ketchikan gets 200 inches of rain a year, and the sky precipitates almost every day.  Well, Gary was wrong.  It is a cloudless and gorgeous day in Ketchikan!

I got off the ship with a large bag containing my computer, dirty laundry, and a few souvenirs.  I was looking for the post office and some free wifi.  Two or three people directed me toward a free shuttle that would take me into town to a place called The Plaza.  There I was to visit Frontier Shipping, a place they assured me would do everything the post office would do - and quicker.

I missed the free shuttle and wound up on a city bus that only charged a dollar.  The driver explained to myself and another couple of tourists exactly how to get to Frontier Shipping.  She said that it was much better than the post office.  Eventually our little group found the  establishment, and I am pleased to say that it lived up to the high praise.

Everyone here is so helpful and friendly.  It is a very sweet city.

I mentioned my encounter with Hoonah's town dog in yesterday's post.   While I was out walking the town's few streets, I heard a tourist lady screeching "Look, here comes dinner now!"  She was pointing at a large, fat hen which was having a morning sip of water out of a puddle in the street.  Her friend, looking at the same hen, chimed in:  "Isn't he adorable!"  She was definitely in need of some farm therapy!  (I miss my chickens, too!)

Gail wanted me to mention that I am now an official little old man.  She got tired of me stopping every fourth step to pull up my pants - and bought me a gift of a pair of suspenders while we were in Skagway.   They really do help - and I really do feel older!  Thanks, Sis!

Now I'm headed back out to the street to see if I can find a bus or shuttle headed back to the port area.  Life continues to be an adventure!

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