Thursday, March 31, 2011

Personal Pain

by Pa Rock
Sad Puppy

It is Friday afternoon on Okinawa.  This is supposed to be my Friday off, but I have spent the whole day in bed - with a blinding shoulder pain - some day off!

I don't know what is wrong, but my instincts tell me that it is probably more psychosomatic than anything else.  I didn't pull a muscle, though that is what this feels like.  I know this -  I am tired, completely worn out, and this throbbing shoulder absolutely refuses to let me get so much as even a few minutes of sleep.

I have a friend here who lost her driving privileges.  To help out, I have been driving her home most evenings.  This past Monday was one of those evenings.  After dropping my friend off, I returned to my apartment where a second friend planned to meet me and cook our supper so that we could then drive to Naha and pick up a third friend from the airport.  Got that so far?

When I arrived home after dropping friend number one off, friend number two wasn't here and dinner wasn't cooking - but my phone was ringing.  The call was from the first friend, the one I had just taken home.  She said that the second friend had been practicing driving her motor scooter and had a wreck and broken her arm - and she was enroute to the hospital with yet another friend.  I would have to fix my own damned supper, and brave the city traffic and go to the airport by myself - which I did.

I picked up my third friend and drove him to his apartment and then headed home.  I tried to reach friend two with the broken arm, but her phone was turned off.  It was ten-thirty when I finally crawled into bed - very late for me on a work night.  I was awakened an hour later by friend two and the other friend who had driven her to the hospital.  She had stayed with me for a couple of months when she first arrived on the island, and asked if she could have her old room back so that I could help look after her and get her back to the hospital in the morning;  I was happy to do it.

That was Monday night.   My friend has two broken bones in her arm.  The military hospital was able to cast her arm the next morning, but they lacked the little metal parts necessary for a surgical repair.  Today she may or may not be getting care at an Okinawan hospital.  She left with a co-worker this morning heading toward a local national hospital, but I have been too groggy and in too much pain to find out what is going on.  I guess someone will tell me something sooner or later.

My own trouble started when I woke up in throbbing pain at about 2:00 a.m. Thursday.  I managed to get to work later that morning where I borrowed a heating pad from friend four and worked as a struggling invalid the rest of the day.  Strangely, my pain is in the right shoulder - the same side and vicinity as my roomie's broken arm.  Her pain migrated to me.  It is very likely psychosomatic.

I drove myself to Camp Foster this morning and bought my own heating pad - and it was a very painful outing.  I need to go again and get some milk - and maybe a sandwich, but that is going to have to wait.

I hurt, I miss my family, and I wish I had a dog!

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Phillipia said...

Awww...I hope you feel better soon, Rock. But you are such a good friend:)