Saturday, March 5, 2011

Republicans Goings Nuts

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Republican members of the House of Representatives voted unanimously this week to extend federal subsidies to the big oil and gas companies - while continuing to whittle away at the little things in the budget that they don't like.  One boneheaded congressman from Colorado is pushing a bill that would defund National Public Radio (NPR), ostensibly to save money, though the few dollars saved wouldn't fund our wars in the Middle East for more than ten minutes.  And they're busy trying to kill Planned Parenthood, keep the old style light bulbs, and yank the tracks out from under high-speed rail.

The Republican agenda is actually quite simple:  Kill anything that benefits humanity, do anything that could help cause President Obama to fail - and fuck anyone who gets in the way!

The current poster boy for all of this idiocy is Governor Scott Walker of Wisconsin, the goober who is out trying to bust public service unions.  The worm has apparently turned in Walker's state and a majority of the public  is now giving him a strong disapproval rating - even in conservative polls.  But the knucklehead governor is on a mission from God and will not be deterred by falling polls or basic decency.

Other states are gearing up to bust unions while hiding behind the phony mantra of "saving money."  Some are making abortion their issue of choice.   (Governor Walker is also writing Planned Parenthood out of the state's budget.)   Governor Scott of Florida is making his stand by turning down federal money for high-speed rails - something that would bring jobs and tourists to his state.  Florida politicians from both parties are slamming Scott over that move - knowing that Florida's share of the high-speed rail money will now go to other states.

And then there are the racist legislators in Arizona who have cranked out enough anti-immigrant and pro-gun bills during this session of the legislature to wallpaper the Capitol!

Republicans like war and big oil, and they enthusiastically throw trillions of dollars into those black holes without so much as a second thought.  They like God, and guns, and any issue that will distract the rubes.  What they do not like is spending pennies on programs that actually benefit humanity.  They portray those are wasteful, or worse yet, "socialist."   They support big business - their base, and things that help them directly - such as health care for state legislators and Members of Congress.  But health care for regular folks is something that should be purchased by those little guys from the insurance companies that the big guys own.

It's a racket.

The fact that Republicans treat America's underclass with such outrageous contempt speaks volumes about the true commitment to Christianity.  If Jesus does come back, somebody is going to get smoked - and my money says it won't be the meek, and the poor, and the powerless!

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Don said...

I live in Florida, which is a heavily Republican state. Many of my neighbors are rock-ribbed supporters of just about anything proposed by FOX News or the GOP (there's a distinction without a difference).
And yet ... some of these same people are among the most generous I have ever encountered, giving of their time and money to various and sundry charities and noble causes.

And so I choose to believe that they are not willingly complicit in the hideous lack of compassion that characterizes their party's political agenda.

The question: How do we convince such people that their political identity is grounded in policies designed hurt the very people they seek to help?