Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Sarah Palin Threatens to Move to Arizona

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Poor Arizona just can't catch a break.  The Scorpion State already has more than its fair share of gun-toting Neanderthals and other miscreants, many of whom serve in the state's legislature, but now America's intellectual wasteland is being threatened with the possibility of becoming home to yet another right-wing, agenda driven, joke of a politician.  Sarah Palin says that she owns a house in the Phoenix area and may just move south!

Local newshounds report that there are four homes in Maricopa County owned by people with the last name of Palin.  None owned by a Sarah Palin, but one owned by a person with the same name as her sister, and another owned by a person with the same name as her father.  And Bristol, of course, has also announced that she is buying a luxurious distressed property there as well - getting a bargain off of somebody else's misfortune.

One story has it that Sarah is planning to base a Presidential campaign out of Scottsdale, though a Palin candidacy seems to become less likely with each passing day.   Maybe she has realized that being President would probably involve more than just proficiency in Twitter and Facebook.  Being governor of Alaska was a bit too daunting, so being President might be a real drag - and take away from her lucrative speechifying career.  And now that Todd has a hobby, he might be too wrapped  up in other things to be of much help with Cabinet meetings and the like.

The other story is that Sarah wants to move to Arizona so that she can run for John Kyl's senate seat, and while the sand goobers would elect her quickly and think they had a prize - again, it would be too much work to actually be a senator.

My theory is that the Idaho native has worn out her welcome in Alaska.  She quit her job there as governor after serving only half of a term - and her personal choice for the Senate from Alaska, Joe Miller, was beaten by a write-in.   There appears to be writing on the wall, and even Sarah can read it.

If Sarah Palin is heading south, it is more likely for the fun in the sun and the warm, neighborly friendships that she can develop with people like Jan Brewer, Joe Arpaio, and Russell Pearce.  Birds of a feather prey together - and chew on the same carcasses.

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