Thursday, March 10, 2011

State Senator Dale Schultz Redeems Himself

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Yesterday I correctly identified State Senator Dale Schultz as one of three Wisconsin legislators who had personally benefited from federal farm subsidies.  Senators Shultz, Olson, and Harsdorf did collectively take in more than $300,000 in federal money over a period of several years.  I felt that their personal affinity for public money was somewhat hypocritical considering that they were part of the evil cabal trying to strip teachers and public employees of their right to bargain collectively.

Well, while I was right about the money end of the equation, I was wrong with regard to the intent of Senator Schultz.  It turns out that the Republican Schultz is somewhat of a political anomaly - a moderate Republican.

This afternoon as the Wisconsin state senate used a shameless parliamentary trick to strip teachers and public employees of their rights to bargain collectively, one lone Republican stood up against that outrage:  State Senator Dale Schultz.

Mea culpa, Senator Schultz.  While I will never be a fan of farm subsidies, I rise to acknowledge your act of political courage.  You, sir, are a good man.

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