Monday, March 14, 2011

The Great Tsunami of Atlantis

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

As the horror in Japan keeps unfolding before our bewildered eyes, the power and wrath of nature reminds us of just how small and inconsequential mankind really is.  Someday we will bring an end to our own existence on this planet through greed and stupidity, and a few short years after that nature will have erased most of the evidence that we were ever here.

There was an historical story on the Internet today that touched on the subject of tsunami's.   The premise was that the legendary city of Atlantis, referenced by Plato 2,600 years ago, actually did exist - but instead of being swallowed up by the sea as Plato described, it more accurately fell victim to a tsunami and is now buried in ancient mud in southern Spain.  The National Geographic Channel will soon air a special on this amazing archaeological endeavor entitled "Finding Atlantis."

The horrific images out of Japan are circulating the globe in milliseconds thanks to the power of the Internet and electronic communications, and they almost make it feel that these natural disasters arose with the same technology that reports them.  Tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, and even tsunami's have been occurring almost since the day the planet was formed in the wake of the Big Bang - and it was a helluva lot longer than six thousand years ago!  These events are old news in the cosmic order of things, and they are nature's less than subtle way of reminding us that she is still the boss!

The more we screw with nature - by insisting on driving gasoline-powered automobiles, building nuclear reactors, or creating massive cities along the seacoasts - the sooner our lease here will expire.  When that happens there will be no Plato's left to record our demise, nor any students left to read about it.  We will effectively have extinguished ourselves.


Don said...

Well said, Rock. We have always been the seeds of our own destruction and it is the greedy and rapacious nature of the economic master class that keeps accelerating the process

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