Thursday, March 3, 2011

Five Fox "Journalists" with White House Dreams

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalists

In a bit of surprisingly ethical behavior, Fox News (sic) announced today that they were temporarily suspending two of their journalists (sic) because they appear to be preparing to enter the Presidential race.  Newt Gingrich and Little Ricky Santorum will be on some type of leave until their political mud starts to settle.  Left unsaid, of course, is what the news network (sic) plans to do with the rest of their journalists (sic) who are also itching to run for President:  John Bolton, Mike Huckabee, and Sarah Palin.

Working at Fox must be very inspiring.   What other network can boast of such a fine stable of dedicated news hounds willing to sacrifice their journalistic integrity (really big SIC!) in pursuit of public service?  Of course Fox, being "fair and balanced," undoubtedly has five intelligent, liberal journalists waiting in the wings poised to take their place!

You betcha, they do!

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