Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tweet This!

by Pa Rock

Some days writing a blog borders or being a joy, but at other times, more often than not it seems lately, the daily drudgery of coming up with something to fill a few paragraphs and trying to make it interesting to others is about as much fun as a good session of corporal self-mortification.  There is one form of web-writing, however, that I enjoy without reservation:  tweeting.

I discovered Twitter.com about a year ago and just this past week posted my 2,000th tweet.  Most of those little gems of 140 characters or less were my own creations, but occasionally I "re-tweet" the gems of others.  I am currently "following" the tweetage of 53 other individuals with a wide variety of interests, and 111 follow me - though Allah alone knows why!

I don't follow Charlie Sheen, but I understand that over three million people do.  That is probably related to the same instinct that causes people to stand around and gawk at car wrecks!

The thing that I like about tweeting is the mental challenge of being brilliantly creative in a mere 140 characters.  I also like crossword and logic puzzles.

Today there was a "quick vote" on the CNN.com page asking simply, "Do you tweet?"  As of a few minutes ago 198,826 people had responded.  Ninety-three percent of those (184,111) were not tweeters, while 7% (14,715) were.  So it's not for everyone.

A clever sentence can kick the crap out of a whole page of nonsense.

See you on Twitter @PaRock.

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