Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mike Huckabee: Dumber than a Box of Birthers!

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Mike Huckabee, the slickest politician to come out of Arkansas since Bubba Clinton, claims that he is not a birther.  He believes, and rightly so, that if Barack Obama had been born outside of the United States, the Clinton political machine would have discovered and used the information to get the nomination for Hillary.  But, that being said, Huckabee doesn't want to get too far away from his base - the lunatic fringe of the hateful Christian branch of the Republican Party.

Huckabee, a Fox News paid talking head, may or may not be running for President, and he is always peddling a book, so with the twin goals of stroking the idiots and making a few bucks, he called into The Steve Malzberg Show on Monday.  The host, a rabid right-winger, tried to get Huckabee to committee to the notion that Obama was born outside of he United States, and while the wily politician would not take that bait, he did get off on a tangent about Obama having a different world view from most Americans because he grew up in Kenya.

With the exception of a four-year stint with his family living in Indonesia (which is no where near Kenya), President Obama grew up in the United States of America.  Huckabee's comment was wrong, dead wrong - or as they might say in Arkansas, pure horseshit.  Interestingly though, the radio mudslinger never challenged the Fox News talker on his erroneous facts and went on breathlessly disparaging the President over something that had no basis in fact.

Of course, the whole birtherism "movement," which only seems to resonate with the more deranged elements of the Republican Party, has no basis in fact.  Facts are nothing more than troublesome diversions from their delicious paranoid delusions.

It is troubling that a man who fancies himself as ready to lead the free world feels the need to pander to idiots.

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