Wednesday, March 23, 2011

They Say It's My Birthday!

by Pa Rock
Seasoned Observer

Today I celebrated my birthday on Okinawa for the third time.  I was living on this little island the day that I turned twenty-four, twenty-five, and now sixty-three.  I really don't remember the first two, but the big six-three was nice.

My sons each called this morning before I left for work - Wednesday morning here, Tuesday night there - and I had a tweet from my daughter.  So any day that I hear from all of my kids is a good day indeed!

My friends Valerie and Kelly surprised me at work with two cakes that Valerie made, a plant, and a wonderful large birthday card that had my name and birth date written in Japanese script (kanji), with staff signatures on the back.  It is a wonderful souvenir of the island!  People were in and out of my office all day sampling Valerie's cakes - and there is plenty left for tomorrow.  Friday after work several of us are going to continue the celebration by going to Jack's, a nice restaurant on the air base.

Apparently Facebook knows it is my birthday, and I am not certain how I feel about that.  I have received some notices that friends have posted birthday greetings on my wall.  If you are in that group, thanks.  Unfortunately, I can't respond to the messages because Facebook expects me to regurgitate a password to access my page.  The password is long forgotten and I have no interest in seeking another - but I do appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Things remain good on Okinawa, but please continue to keep Japan in your thoughts and prayers.


Don said...

Happy Birthday, Rock

Reed said...

Happy Birthday Rock...

Phillipia said...

Happy Birthday, Rock!