Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Rush Doth Protest Too Much

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

This evening as I reached across the front seat of my little car to perform my daily ritual of turning off Rush Limbaugh, I detected a quiver in his delivery that caused me to stall the termination.   To my complete shock, I quickly observed that the bully of the airwaves was on the defense - big time!  The Rushbag was roaring and whining about some Internet story which claimed that his radio show has used hired actors to call in with questions - questions which would lead him into his pre-selected rant of the day.   One of the points he seemed determined to make was that the story had originated with a "Jewish" Internet magazine.

Rush exploded over and over that the story just wasn't true.  His program, he groaned and moaned, is entirely unscripted.  But, even if that is true (and his lips were moving, so I doubt that it is), the show is certainly not totally spontaneous.  Rushbag made several references to his "call screeners."

I regret dipping into this particular rancid pile of manure when there are so many more socially relevant issues that beg attention - Charlie Sheen, for example - but paying homage to Rush on Fat Tuesday just feels so right!  Now I will swear off mentioning Rush for forty days.  If only the rest of America would do their fasting in the same manner!

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