Monday, September 6, 2010

Teabaggers on the March: Christine O'Donnell

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

When teabagger extremist Joe Miller defeated sitting United States Senator Lisa Murkowski in the Alaska Republican senate primary, alarms began sounding in the polite Republican parlors of the lower forty-eight.  Many Republicans saw these teabaggers are fun to have around and an interesting diversion, but the fun came to a screeching halt when they actually displayed the ability (and the balls) to defeat a Republican senator in a primary.

One of the places where the Alaskan putsch was felt the strongest was in the tiny state of Delaware.  Delaware's only congressman, a Republican by the name of Mike Castle, had looked favored to put Joe Biden's old senate seat into the Republican camp.  But there was a problem.  A professional candidate and teabagger named Christine O'Donnell started attracting big bucks from national tea party groups.

 Local pols in Delaware decided to not risk a primary defeat like the one that befell Murkowski, and they went on the attack - and, consequently,  there has been lots of good stuff hitting the press regarding O'Donnell.  Suddenly there are stories floating around about how Ms. O'Donnell has no known means of support other than campaign donations - 95% of which are from outside Delaware.   She also appears to still owe vendors from previous campaigns.

And then there are her campaign issues:  the self-righteous Ms. O'Donnell is an opponent of gay rights, abortion (including those for the consequences of rape and incest), pornography, premarital sex and even masturbation.  (One could almost surmise that she has an unhealthy interest in sex!)

Mr. Castle, you are doing exactly the right thing by focusing your energies and your money on stopping Christine O'Donnell.  Say it all,  spend it all, fight, fight, fight!  Get down in the gutter and roll around with Ms. O'Donnell.  Show the good folks of Delaware just what it means to be a Republican!  Tack right, Mike, tack right!

Leave the statesmanship to your Democratic opponent, Chris Coons - the respectable choice for the U.S. Senate from Delaware!

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