Saturday, September 25, 2010

John of Orange and Chaste Christine

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

John Boehner, the man who would be Speaker of the House (shortly after hell freezes over), has told the Wall Street Journal (a recent acquisition of Rupert Murdoch's rag bag empire) that he has never used a tanning bed or tanning products.  He said that he inherited his unnatural hue from his mother, and that four of his twelve siblings also have the same skin coloring.

So America just needs to back off.  John Boehner is naturally orange!  (And let's have no speculation that his skin coloration is a by-product of playing endless golf with lobbyists!  That's just coincidental!)

There is a clip circulating on the Internet in which a slightly younger Christine O'Donnell states on an old episode of Scarborough Country (2003) that it is possible to keep Americans (young and single Americans) from having sex.  (Didn't we fight a big war to keep the world free of totalitarianism?  Didn't Germany and Italy and Japan lose that one?)

Sweet Christine, do you really want the government running our sex lives?

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