Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ding, Dong, Murkowski's Gone!

by Pa Rock
Political Junkie

Another Senate redwood has fallen - well, in this case it was more like a scrub pine.  Alaska's senior senator, Lisa Murkowski, who was appointed to the post by her father (who was then governor of the state), has conceded defeat in last Tuesday's Republican senate primary.  She was beaten like a cheap drum by Joe Miller, a teabagger extremist who had the support of the Wasilla hillbillies, Todd and Sarah Palin.   Joe Miller, who was born and raised in Kansas, came in with the "right" stuff to keep the Republican party pure.  He is a good Christian who hates all of the right (or in this case, "left") things.

Murkowski had been considering running as a Libertarian if she lost the primary, but she learned this week that the Libertarians didn't want her either.

Her loss, of course, leaves the oil and gas lobby in a quandary.  Should they rush to Joe Miller's aid with suitcases of their ill-gotten cash, or be more realistic and support the candidate who has the best chance of winning in November - Scott McAdams, the current mayor of Sitka.   McAdams, the Democratic nominee for U.S. Senator,  is a genuine Alaskan who has worked in the state's fishing industry.  He knows Alaska, her people, and what their lives are really like.

America owes a big "thank you" to the tea party for their tireless efforts in purifying the Republican Party.   The teabaggers are becoming the Democratic Party's most effective weapon in the fight to control Congress! You morons and boneheads are doing great work!  Keep it up!

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