Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Last Big Primary Day of 2010

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

This is Tuesday evening on Okinawa, but back in the United States it is still dark and most people haven't awakened to their Tuesday yet, the last big primary election day of 2010.  Five states are holding their primaries today:  Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New York. All of those states are located in the eastern United States, and, with the exception of Maryland, all could be regarded as northeastern states.

There is only one big upset on the horizon for today.  A teabagger who has run for statewide office in Delaware but never won, is trying to snag the Republican Party's nomination for U.S. Senator.  The bagger, Christine O'Donnell, is trying to defeat Mike Castle, a former governor of Delaware and the state's lone congressman for the past couple of decades.  Castle is well-respected, and, if nominated, could possibly defeat the Democratic candidate, Chris Coons, in November.  Ms. O'Donnell is not well respected, still owes bills from her last two campaigns, and has apparently been living off of campaign donations.  But old Christine has sttirred the fervor of the Republican Party's lunatic fringe.  She has been endorsed by Sarah Palin, Senator Jim DeMint, and Rush Limbaugh, an irksome threesome whose combined IQ is probably in the lower double digits.

Latest polls have Ms. O'Donnell with a slight lead over Congressman Castle.

God speed, Ms. O'Donnell.  Your win would certainly ensure that Democrats keep the seat that once belonged to Vice-President Joe Biden.  I know it's late, but is there anything I can do to help?

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