Thursday, September 2, 2010

Fast Times at Riverdale High

by Pa Rock
Citizen Journalist

Riverdale High School has been home to Archie Andrews and his pals Jughead, Veronica, Betty, and Reggie, since December of 1941, the same month that the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor.  In the nearly seventy years that those kids have been in high school, modest changes have occurred in an effort to keep the characters and story lines relevant to the real world.  This year, this month in fact, another change is coming to Riverdale, but this one isn't so subtle.

Riverdale's newest student is a young man named Kevin Keller who is apparently so good looking that Veronica Lodge just has to have him.  Unfortunately for her, Kevin does not fall for her many charms - which only makes Veronica redouble her efforts.   Finally Kevin lets Jughead Jones in on his secret:  he has no interest in Veronica because he is gay.  Instead of being shocked, Jughead decides to sit back and enjoy watching Veronica chase Kevin in vain.

So it's come to this.   One of America's most staid and predictable comic strips has arrived in the twenty-first century, and as Archie grows, so grows our nation.  I would predict that before long a boyfriend character for Kevin will be introduced, because this comic strip has always focused on kids dating and having fun.  And if the writers have trouble coming up with a name for Kevin's boyfriend, I have a classy one in mind:  Phelps Westboro!  (I envision Phelps as being somewhat flamboyant.)

Meanwhile, I think we can expect to see the trend toward modern day relevance in comic strips continue.  Look for a major announcement from Beetle Bailey and Sarge as soon as the military gets rid of "don't ask - don't tell!"

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