Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Skype Fever

by Pa Rock
Technically Deficient Communicator

I have been sitting by the computer for a hour waiting on Molly to contact me via Skype. Nothing has happened, so I called her, and they don't seem to be having any luck at making it work. Then I tried contacting Tim and the other two or three people on my Skype list. I may have succeeded in sending a voice mail to Tim, but am not sure at this point.

This has been a drill of sorts, because Tim thinks that I need to hone my Skype skills before heading overseas - and obviously he is right!

I did get to speak to my three-year-old grandson, Sebastian, by regular phone tonight. He had his first day of preschool this morning and told me all about coloring a picture of Clifford the Big Red Dog. Molly also emailed a picture of Sebastian and his picture of Clifford - and that danged dog is indeed red!

Sebastian said that he wanted to come to my house. (I wish that he could!) I told him that I live in Phoenix and that it is hot in Phoenix. He repeated "Phoenix" loudly, because it is a word that he knows. "Phoenix" is his middle name! (Molly related while I was in Oregon that he used to refer to himself as "Sebastian Kleenex Files!")

I may have to get a twelve-year-old to stop by and teach me how to Skype. Hopefully there will be one living close by on Okinawa that can act as my technical advisor!

Skype Update: Tim and I just had a couple of video conversations courtesy of Skype. I am smarter now, but still noticeably techno-deficient!

And now I have also had a long Skype conversation with Molly and Scott and their boys. Sebastian had LOTS to say, and they got to see my cat! The cat did not care for being Skyped!

So, the long and the short of it is that I now know how to Skype. I couldn't get the little robot camera to work, but the one that is part of my computer did just fine. I think that I will be able to make this video communication work from overseas!

Ain't progress grand!

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You know, it's me bk said...

Now I know why I had a call from you on my skype, albeit without a message. You connected, Rock!!! Next time say something.
I'm usually on my computer with my Skype on, so try again! (Not at this time of night tho - usually in the mornings and afternoons, if I'm working in my office. I don't use it as much with the laptop in the Living Room.)
I love skype and use it all the time, sans video. I have called Paris and London cheaply with it, and have also used it to make long distance calls free in the US. I'll even deign to use it with my video feed to talk to you from Okinawa. So, glad you are on top of it, buddy. Now if you could computerize your sister, we would have it made! (She won't even use facebook…so forgetaboutit.) Or is that fugedaboutit?