Thursday, July 22, 2010

Safe Arrival

by Pa Rock
Globe Trotter

I arrived back on Okinawa a couple of hours ago. It was dark when the plane touched down, so I really haven't gotten to see much yet. On the drive up to Kadena Air Base from Naha Airport, I did see Naha Port, where I worked so many years ago, and Sam's Anchor Inn - my favorite restaurant from the past. Many differences were also apparent, like the existence of a monorail in Naha! My new boss at Kadena, who was also one of my old bosses at Luke, picked me up at Naha airport and got me to my temporary quarters. She has been here for about a year and has lots of good advice on things to do and not do on Okinawa. She has taken up diving here - that might be fun!

The Naha Airport is decorated with thousands of live orchids - all in bloom!

One final dig at Phoenix: Luggage carts at Skyharbor are $4.00. They are free at Narita Airport in Tokyo and also at Naha Airport. Come on, "World's Friendliest Airport - not! - get with the program!

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